Museum Place


The City of San Jose issued an RFQ for the redevelopment of the Parkside Hall and Expansion of the Tech Museum.  Because of Insight’s expertise and 15-year track record of developing and owning properties in San Jose, Insight was invited by an international conglomerate to lead the RFQ response efforts and the development of the project.

Insight Realty Company competed against a field of national developers and eventually won the RFQ and executed an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement with the City of San Jose.


Acuity sold the project to another developer as we acquired a superior mixed-use site, with better access to transportation, fewer City restrictions, QOZ status with better potential economics.

The current owner has converted to 100% office and must secure a 350,000 SF credit tenant to be able to finance and begin construction.

LocationSan Jose, California
TypeMixed-Use Development
Office Size340,000 sq. ft.
Apartment Units152 units
Hotel Size (Kimpton)225 rooms
AcquiredNov 2015