Rail Yard Place

Apartments/Office/Hotel, 600 Apts, 220,000 sqft Office Space, San Jose, CA

A former 10+ acre rail yard was owned by Union Pacific Railroad was purchased after tracking its possible sale status for more than 7 years.  The former rail yard was zoned for industrial, yet located within San Jose’s Downtown Strategy Area. The ability to rezone for commercial and multifamily and office/hotel while increasing allowable buildable Area or FAR.


Acquity and Steinberg Architects completed a full design for up to 600 apartments and 220,000 SF of office and submitted the planning application within 6 months of acquiring the property.

The project proposal was immediately supported by the City and lead to the City approving the plan via their General Plan Amendment process.

The Railyard project is now fully compliant with the City’s General Plan and needs only final project application for final approval.

Location: San Jose, California
Type: Apartments / Office/Hotel
Apartment Size: 600 units
Office Size: 220,000 sq. ft.
Acquired: July 2015
Status: Final Approval of Entitlements


Rail Yard Place
San Jose, CA

Rail Yard Place