1303 J Street

Class A/B Property
Sacramento, CA


The project is a well-maintained and institutionally owned Class A/B property located in the heart of downtown Sacramento. Through Insight’s industry relationships, Insight made an off-market attempt to purchase the property knowing that ownership was considering selling the asset in the near term. Although the owner elected to use a full marketing process, Insight’s previous attempts to buy the property off-market put Insight at a competitive advantage to other buyers, eventually resulting in a successful transaction.


Insight is implementing a façade and lobby refresh and the leasing plan is in process. The project has already begun returning 5% annual distributions (paid quarterly) to all investors as projected.

Location: Sacramento, California
Type: Office
Size: 73,000 sq. ft.
Acquired: Aug 2017
Status: Holding


1303 J Street
Sacramento, CA, 95814

1303 J Street